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Our Business Model

Our Business Model

Huntsworth generates value through a network of specialist agencies.

Strong brands

Huntsworth’s businesses, in both the Healthcare and Communications divisions, operate under a range of strong, well-respected brands. Brands continue to be essential in a market which places a premium on trustworthy, quality businesses.

Experienced talent

The experience, knowledge and creativity of our people is integral to the success of our business. We have in place employment policies and practices that enable us to attract, retain and develop our talent and ensure the Group retains its market-leading position.

Robust client base

Huntsworth works with a range of longstanding clients, big and small; nearly two thirds of our clients have been a customer for more than 5 years. In our Healthcare divisions we work with the biggest pharma companies in the world, including all of the top 20, as well as a number of smaller, nimble biotech companies. In our Communications division we work with a range of blue-chip companies and household names.

Global network

All of our businesses operate globally which means that we can be where our clients are. Whilst each business is focused on the specific needs of its clients, we can create integrated teams – within or across our divisions – to address challenges that require a multidisciplinary solution.

Enabling growth

Huntsworth the Parent Company enables innovation and growth in the agencies, by taking on much of the administrative burden in areas such as financial control, treasury, tax, M&A, investor relations, legal services and internal audit. This frees up the agencies to provide better quality service to their clients.

Revenue growth

Our strong brands, quality people and global network combine to support revenues which are both resilient and which can grow sustainably. Growth in revenue sustains the long-term growth in the earnings of the business. Whilst we continue to remove unprofitable revenues in the Communications division, our Healthcare divisions saw good growth in aggregate.

+6% like-for-like revenue growth in Healthcare

Profit growth

Growth in profits is driven by both revenue growth and a continued focus on operational and cost efficiencies. Over the past two years we have reorganised our business in order to maximise the efficiency in the way that we operate, and we continually review how, when and why we do things in order to identify further improvements.

+15% like-for-like headline profit growth


Strong cash flows are underpinned by good profit generation combined with sensible working capital management. Our businesses deliver to sustainable but tightly managed working capital targets which delivers both visibility over cash flows and ensures that we minimise our debt requirements. Short and long term cash flow forecasting also ensures that we continue to operate well within our facility limits whilst delivering an optimum capital structure. Whilst cash flows were impacted by one-off factors in the first half of 2018, the Group’s balance sheet remains strong.

1.9x net debt to pro-forma EBITDA


We help our customers engage, adapt and evolve in fast-changing landscapes, building brand resilience and creating measurable advantage to achieve their business objectives – whether that’s building awareness, affinity or improving reputation leading to increased sales, visits or sign-ups.


Our employees benefit from working in a stimulating and rewarding environment, doing high-quality work alongside talented colleagues. Our employees have access to a number of training initiatives, as well as an annual appraisal and performance evaluation, to further their development.


We aim to maximise value for our shareholders and other investors through sustainable growth in earnings and cash flows.

+24% growth in headline diluted EPS